The dataset to be published mainly relates to the urban planning infrastructure of Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
In accordance with the five themes, we provide datasets in our data challenge website with 3D map;

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Data description:
Dataset Volume, description
1. Point of interests of public facilities [CC-BY 4.0] AED, tourism facilities, hospital, emergency shelter, other public facilities
2. GTFS data format data on public bus [CC-BY 4.0] 6 routes, about 90 bus stops
3. Zoning data on urban planning [CC-BY 4.0] 3 type's zoning data
4. Road images and road networks total 1938 road link data (about 680km length)
500 road images (not include location property)
5. Bridges POI [CC-BY 4.0] 289 points
6. Buildings shape about 28,000 buildings with floor level
7. Future population estimates (for the year 2040 in 500m mesh) about 170 meshs
8. Replica's people flow data Estimated by people flow about 1,400 samples
9. Administration boundary [CC-BY 4.0] Administration boundary in Susono city
* These data will be provided in GIS format (.geojson or .shp).

Dataset Volume, description
10. point cloud data of infrastructure [CC-BY 4.0] .las format x,y,z data of download address list in susono city
LP: Laser Profiler survey data of 690 mesh
Measure density: 16 point /m2

MMS: Mobile Mapping System survey data of 156
Measure density: 400 point /m2

The dataset are available on the website. If you want to use the data, please get an account on this site, log in and download the data you need. These data can be used to participate in our data challenge and to write manuscript for academic papers. In addition, these data are no privacy issues.

Schedule of Data Release:
  • Release of Dataset - May 31th


The Evaluation Metrics:

The organizers will review the submitted proposal and supporting materials. Proposals will be evaluated based on 1) Data Usage and Utilization, 2) Technical Difficulty and Application Value, 3) Completeness of the proposal, and 4) innovation and creativity for research breakthroughs. The final ranking will be determined by averaging the committee's evaluation scores.

Evaluation Criteria Description Weight
Data Usage and Utilization How widely and deeply the application used our provided data and extend to other data sets. How the application utilizes them. 20%
Technical Difficulty and Application Value Does the application have innovated technique and the functions also practical? If the application solves the problem properly? 30%
Completeness Perfection as a research proposal 20%
Creativity/Innovation Does the application is innovated and full of creativity and breakthroughs of research? 30%