Participants are required to submit proposal include 1) work (for example URL of application, source code, concept movie etc.) and 2) extended abstracts (2-4 pages), selecting one of the following five themes. The published datasets can be commonly used for tasks. There is a requirement to use at least one of the data provided by the committee, in addition to allowing other data to be used.

Paper submission

  • After the proposal phase is finished, a link for the submission of the accompanying academic paper will be provided to the top 10 participants as evaluated by the SDC-3 committee members.
  • Peer reviewers will review the academic papers.
  • The papers are expected to conform to the IEEE 2-column format set by the conference, which can be found at Big Data CFP.

Contents in proposal and technical paper (Required):
This paper should explain the following:

  • The theme of the proposed research/application, including the purpose, background and justification for the research/application.
  • The general methodology and the resources and conditions expected to complete the study/application. We encourage you to submit a demo or video to illustrate the final output, as well as source code via Github.
  • Importance of the research topic.